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Belt 081

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What's arrayed on your waist as you stride through the banquet hall? A pager or mobile phone? Not cool. The slender arm of a beautiful lady? Not bad. A well-made, well-chosen belt that turns the requisite into the exquisite? Now we know who really wears the pants in the room. Two classic styles converge in this simple but beautiful belt. The timeless Conway buckle meets a touch of Brogue on the strap for the perfect finish to your classy outfit.

1.1/4” (32mm) width.

We've just did some little tweaks to our Brogue Belt design.
We extended the perforated holes thru out the whole belt and the Conway Buckle is no longer be affixed, it uses the main holes (the bigger holes) to anchor itself, thus, the buckle is moveable to lengthen or shorten the belt itself. What it does is, one can adjust it such that belt end to sit shortly after a belt loop, thus, don't need a belt keeper to do so.
And on the buckle end, any length that's extended will eventually be hidden behind once the belt is worn.

(Read our blog for more infos)

Our new black version is hand-dyed black on Natural Veg Tan Hide. This belt is only surface dyed on both face and back, leaving the edges and holes in its natural finish. The two tone effect gives it a 3 dimensional feel. And this black version will be spotted with a Solid Brass Conway Buckle.

Just drop us a note on your required waist size, and we'll give you ample length to work with.